Age of Worms

The Road to Diamond Lake

After an uneventful two day journey the heroes are getting closer to Diamond Lake. The heroes are walking through a thick forest when Sildras suddenly realizes that two potions he was carrying are missing. The party stops and listens for any movement in the treeline. Nothing. They don’t see anything either. They decided to press on but be more vigilant. About an hour later, Sildras coin purse feels lighter than he remembered. He opens it up and sure enough some of his gold is missing. The party is sure that at this point they are being stalked by someone or something that is very stealthy. They all stand in a circle with their backs to each other. They call out in Common into the woods for someone to show themselves. Nothing happens. The heroes can hear faint footsteps on the undergrowth. Katzan decides to head into the thick treeline and try to sneaking himself. He doesn’t see or hear anything. Meanwhile the party calls out again in Common to their unseen adversary. Suddenly a Drow steps forward out of the shadows. They try to speak to her in Common but she does not reply. She draws two scimitars and charges at the group. Egzour is struck by one of her blades and becomes poisoned. After some sword-play Davlymin starts grappling with her and is able to force her onto the ground. The party ties in her a net. They again, speak in Common to her. She does not reply. They start to interrogate her on why she was stealing their things. She does not even move a muscle. The party decides to try to intimidate her, they take her scimitars which they now know are poisoned. They threaten to poison her with her own venom if she does not talk. Just as Katzan raises the blade to strike her two arrows shoot out of the forest and land at his feet. Suddenly, the heroes realize there are many more Drow watching them. They quickly try to decided what the best course of action would be. Katzan demands the Drow to tell him why she was stealing from them. She does not reply. He punches her. Suddenly she starts motioning with her hands, in some sort of unspoken language. The heroes demand that she stop and tell them what she’s doing. She doesn’t. Suddenly six more Drow emerge from the forest wielding scimitars and longbows. The heroes realize they are gravely outmatched. One of the Drow speaks out in broken Common and demands that they leave now or they will die. The heroes decided to accept the offer and leave.




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