Age of Worms

Wreck Ashore

Egzour Dukesberg, the holy Dwarven cleric of Moradin met with Sildrasthe Elven druid and Katzan Pajamas the half-human half-vampire rogue in a small tavern in the coastal town of Seawell. They met to discuss the troubles that were currently plaguing Seawell. The town had not been receiving its normal merchandise shipments. No one had seen any merchant vessels approaching the town for some time. And also, the local lizardfolk that lived in the swamps outside of town had been growing increasingly hostile. The heroes decided to join forces and become adventurers.

They decided to speak to the Mayor about their decision to try to solve what was happening in town. The Mayor offered the heroes a reward if they were to solve the missing shipments. The Mayor also recommended that the lighthouse on the edge of the surrounding swamp might be a good place to start the investigation.

After stocking up on some basic supplies the three heroes headed into the swamp towards the lighthouse. Immediately after leaving town the heroes were joined by Sildras’ wolf animal companion Turro. Along their way they encountered some alligators and a few groups of small vipers. On the second day of the journey Katzan and Egzour were bitten by a viper. Egzour was able to fend off the poison momentarily but Katzan succumbed to the venom and blacked out. Sildras along with Turro decided to head back to Seawell in order to purchase some potions to protect against poison. Sildras arrived at the local potion shop only to realize that he did not have enough money to buy even one potion. He hurried to the Mayor and asked on for an advance on the reward so that he could buy a potion for the unconscious Katzan. After some negotiating, the Mayor agreed to give him the advance. He brought the potion to Katzan and cured him of his ailment. The heroes decided to rest for the night before heading back into the swamp.

The heroes found the nearest inn and when they were told the price for a room that would accommodate the three of them, they decided it was too expensive and sneaked upstairs. The hallway was empty and all the doors were locked. Katzan chose a door and picked the lock. The door swung open to reveal the room was just a broom closet and the custodian was staring right at Katzan. When asked what he was doing, Katzan bluffed and said he thought this was his room. The custodian did not believe him and told them that they should leave the inn right away. The heroes left and set up camp right outside the town gates.

Morning came and they set out towards the lighthouse. Along their journey they encountered more alligators and a hollowed out tree with a nest of baby vipers laying in it. The heroes killed the entire nest of baby vipers without hesitation. Later on they came to a tree with what appeared to be a rope hanging from it. Sildras approached the rope in order to climb up the tree and as he went to grab it, realized that it was not a rope… but a large constrictor snake. The heroes eventually defeated the snake. Later that afternoon the heroes came across a clearing in the brush. The clearing was home to a pack of jungle panthers. The panthers were sleeping and the heroes managed to sneak through the den without waking them. Later while passing through a small pond the heroes noticed an underwater opening. Sildras decided to swim into it and see if it led somewhere. With a little trouble he managed to get to the other side to find it led into a cave. He climbed out of the water and found the skeletal remains of an adventurer. Katzan and Egzour swam into the tunnel after Sildras and joined him in the cave. Along the back-wall of the cave the heroes discovered carvings and writings in a language none of them understood. The carvings gave off a faint pale blue glow. The heroes decided to leave after giving up on trying to decipher the carvings. The heroes set up camp for the night.

The heroes woke up and after they had all finished their daily meditations, got back on the path to the lighthouse. The heroes were walking through the swamp when all of a sudden a javelin flew from the treeline and landed right in front of them. A tall female lizardfolk scout approached them and commanded them to halt. The heroes obeyed and the scout asked what they were doing. They told her of their mission and she told them that the lighthouse keepers have been missing for six weeks. She said that a group of ruthless pirates had set up a large camp near the lighthouse and she thinks that these two events are connected. They ask for her help in defeating the pirates and she says that she can head back to her village and bring some troops. They decide to meet at the pirate encampment the next day.

The heroes finally arrive at the lighthouse. They investigate the entire lighthouse and find nothing of interest save for the rotting bodies of the married lighthouse keepers and their two sons. The heroes assume that the pirates ransacked the place and killed the family. At the top of the lighthouse they find that the light chamber has been destroyed. From this height they see into the pirate encampment and discover that the pirates had built a fake lighthouse to lure all the ships in, and then they would ransack them. The heroes head towards the camp.

They arrive outside the pirate encampment later that night and they see that there is a patrol of two pirates that goes around the camp every few minutes. The next time the patrol comes around the heroes ambush them. One of the pirates dies in the process while the other is mortally wounded. They tie him up and take him and the dead pirate further back into the treeline. They interrogate their captive but he wont talk, Katzan gets physical and starts beating the pirate. He still does not talk. They kill him and take both of the pirates clothes and possessions. They leave the bodies in front of the gate as a warning. Katzan and Sildras put large rocks into the dead pirates’ anal cavities. The heroes head back to their vantage point to see what happens. After the patrol does not return to the camp the pirates send out another patrol to see what happened. They find the bodies and quickly pull them into camp and lock the gate. The heroes do not see any movement for the rest of the night.

After arguing for some time on what they should do next, the Lizardfolk scout arrives with ten of her kin. Suddenly the gate opens and out comes the captain the first mate and a few other pirates. The captain calls out to the heroes, not knowing where they are, to come out and fight. Sildras fires an arrow at the captain, wounding her and then the heroes and the lizardfolk charge into battle. With the help of the lizardfolk they outnumbered the pirates and defeated every last one of them. They destroy the false tower and collect some treasure for themselves. The lizardfolk thank them for their help and leave for their village. The heroes make it back to town and report to the Mayor. He gives them their reward and they are welcome as heroes by everyone in Seawell, they are given free room and board for a week in the finest inn.

Some time the next week the Mayor requests their presence. They go to him and he tells them that he has received word from Newkeep a small hamlet to the north that they are in dire need of help. Trusting the heroes ability to solve problems he sends them on their way.

Wreck ashore



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